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HP Officejet 4500 Hardware Setup

HP Officejet 4500 review and evaluation. This is the hardware setup video.
floscar : Thanks for blowing my eardrums out.
Dawn E : Just brought this printer and could not figure out how to install ink!! Thank you so much!!!!
Chris McClure : Well-made video, nice job on this. :)
758Caribbean Diamonds : just setting up the fax machine with my dad and we're lost as hell...thanks for uploading! it helped alot =D
IA TV : @dawdus I like HP printers quite a bit but the length of the install, especially for an inkjet printer is painful. So very painful.

HP OfficeJet 4500 All-In-One Inkjet Printer Model G510g

HP OfficeJet 4500 All-In-One Inkjet Printer Model G510g
HADI : Cara fotocopy dengan mengunakan yg atas setting nya bagaimana?
Ruma Chakraborthy : Can you tell where I can get this printer serviced
rahamath shariff : how to take automatic print both side in this printer
Ruma Chakraborthy : As I have same printer but some problem not able to detect
TD Attic : Unfortunately, I am not sure where you can get that serviced

Taking apart HP Officejet 4500 G510 Printer for Parts or Repair - Printer Disassembly

This is a quick video of how to take apart an HP Officejet 4500 series printer. G510a. G510g. G510n. You need a T10 size torque screw driver tip to remove screws.

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PANTELIS k : hi, power ,can you see power supply pins? middle is ground, the other one is 32 volt, what is the third?
Avuyile Cakwebe : Any idea on how to fix the jammed scanner motor
bruh : i disassembled the motherboard because my printer couldn't power on. I try to power on it with a another adapter and cable. But didn't work again. So what should i do on the motherboard to see if there is a problem with the motherboard? Model of mine is yours without wireless card. All capacitors on it works. What else should i check on it?
Gladys Francis : I have the same model, I dissembled successfully but now what? It won't copy, scan or fax. Please help
Zandagrouz Don : Same problem .. got any solution yet ?




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