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[ENG SUB] 블핑이들이 뜬 겟뷰 화사하다~! 1일 3팩 실화입니까? [겟잇뷰티 모먼트] EP.17

지수\u0026제니 언니 라인은 기초케어,
로제\u0026리사 동생들은 색조에 힘 주는 블핑이들! [겟잇뷰티 모먼트]

#온스타일 #겟잇뷰티 #블랙핑크 #지수 #제니 #로제 #리사 #ONSTYLE #KSTYLE #KBEAUTY
Jisoolisarosejennie kim : jisoo don't need make up..
Grace Gadiana : Jennie showing her make-up set with daisy and smiley designs omg! she is hinting GD is hers! Dara and Jennie standing beside each other the Ex and the present hahaha awkward
Grace Gadiana : Jennie said to Dara I will follow your footstep right after Dara then Jennie girlfriends of GD
Nelynne Diaz : I can see Sandara's contained excitement! She's so beautiful. Her dongsaengs surely admire her too. Much respect for these ladies.
Woozy Cool : A lot of people misunderstand Jisoo here.
Jisoo not owning those makeup products doesn't actually mean she doesn't use much makeup. It just means she gets whatever her makeup artist gives/recommends.

U can see from different fantaken pictures of Blackpink, at airports and u also see it in their live-videos with fans, Jisoo wears different makeups. Sometimes pinker lips, sometimes peachier lips, red-orange lips, different shades of blush too.

If Jisoo doesn't use as much makeup as other girls, she won't be seen using all those stuff.
Jisoo uses as much make up as other 3 girls.

When someone on this show says they shop for their own makeup, it only means, they don't let their stylists handle all aspects of makeup and they have unique preferences.

So Jisoo does not use lesser makeup or others use more makeup than her. Others just experimented and customized their looks more than Jisoo does. So whenever they are going outside, Jisoo lets the stylist give her whatever makeup look they choose for her, rather than her already having some personal preferred products.

Cuz if u think about it, no one really wants someone else to choose everything for them. Others won't know what u might like, they'll just put whatever makeup they think looks nice on u.

Which is why it's more important to experiment makeup of one's own.

Lisa and especially Rose are curious always to find what personally enhances them or they prefer most. Cuz no offense, that is something stylists can't do for u. They can ask u whether u like this color or that color, nothing too unique. U need to take interest of your own and experiment stuff.
It's why they list makeup as a craft/hobby of it's own. U can only make the best out of it when you yourself learn to pro it rather than others' recommendations.

This show is old, Jisoo probably experimented with more makeup and owns a bunch of what she likes by now.

getitbeauty blackpink

blackpink get it beauty eng sub
Atiqah Yusoff : I live for Jennie's sexy aegyo. She so cuteeee and gorgeous
adisha oktaviani : Dara and Jisoo = momy and daughter
Selvy Friscila debora : Its my first time looking bp with bag . So cute
K Park : I am a man I dont know why I am here

Get it beauty 2016 수지의 함부로 산뜻한 뷰티 팁 160511 EP.15

국민 첫사랑 수지의 투명하고 환하게 빛나는 피부 비밀은
바로 안티에이징 케어!

겟잇뷰티2016 매주 수요일 밤 9시 본방송
Ain Nabila : Can I see Tzuyu of Twice beauty tip?
SnowWhiteQueen091590 : She didn't take her makeup odd
rxyxn lou : I don't get it is she that gorgeous in korea!?she looks normal to me.... Juste cute
Monica Nguyen : God does have favorites
Louly Leah : So beautiful




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